Mission San Gabriel Arcángel

Todays adventure takes us to Mission San Gabriel Arcángel, this is our third California mission we have been able to visit. We have been able to visit Mission San Buenaventura and Mission San Fernando Rey de España, click on the links to see our previous post about these missions.  We are very excited since this is one our bucket list, to be able to visit all of the California missions. There is a total of 21 Missions in California, which means we only have 18 left to visit. There is so much history to learn about and see in each mission. Once you go into the Mission it is just breathtaking since each has something special to see. Let’s begin with our journey inside of Mission San Gabriel Arcángel. 

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Mission San Fernando Rey de España

In today adventure we are taking you to San Fernando Mission which is located in the North end of San Fernando Valley. Andy and I have been here plenty of times to celebrate weddings, quniceneras (15th birthday) and funerals. Even if you are not religious there are plenty of paintings, sculptures and literature that are worth seeing. The last mission we went to was the San Buenaventura Mission and this Mission is definitely bigger. To see our post about the last mission just click on the San Buenaventura Mission link. There is so much to see and it will keep you busy for about 2 hours. 

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San Buenaventura Mission

If you are looking for a place to take it easy in, San Buenaventura mission is the spot for you. This Mission has history you are able to see and learn from. Also, the garden at the Mission will surround you with a lot of plants, trees and flowers. During summer days you can feel the breeze from the Ventura beach, since the beach is literally a couple blocks away. Lets get started with our San Buenaventura Mission adventure.

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