Virtual Museums Around the World

Andy and I decided that this weekend we didn’t need any essentials so we decided lets stay home and think about our adventure blog topic for this week. We heard on the radio about Virtual Museums around the world, and we thought it would be a good idea to take a look into it. Once you google Virtual Museum Tours, you will be able to see plenty of museums that will provide you a virtual tour. The museums below are some of the museums we enjoyed viewing. Andy loves museums so being able to views these made him happy. It is crazy on how advanced technology has gotten, we would have never imagined being able to visit museums from our home. 

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Walt Disney Barn

Today’s adventure takes us to the Walt Disney Barn in Los Angeles, CA. This is a fascinating hidden gem located in Griffith Park. When Andy and I arrived at the Barn we were not sure what to expect. We read a lot of reviews and did our research so we were very excited about visiting. We love finding places that allow us to take a look into Walt’s life and the history behind Disneyland since we are big Disney fans. Walt Disney was such an extraordinary man, who accomplished so much in his lifetime. We find it amazing how his dream turned into something bigger than what people imagined. Here is some information about Walt’s Barn which is located in Griffith Park.

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Norton Simon Art Museum

Todays adventure takes us to Norton Simon Art Museum which is located in Pasadena, CA. If you have never been to the City of Pasadena, then you are missing out. There is plenty to do, see and eat in this city and it is very well taken care. Andy and I decided to visit the Norton Simon Art Museum since we had been very curious about it. We were very impressed with museum and we fell in love with many of the paintings which are displayed. There is plenty to see which includes paintings, sculptures and a garden. We got to see private art collections from the 14th to 16th, 17th and 18th, 19th, 20th century and South and Southeast Asian. Let’s begin with giving you information about the Museum.

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Travel Town Museum

Todays adventure takes us to Travel Town Museum which is located in Griffith Park, CA. It is a town full of trains that have not been used for years. The trains do not move, they are parked and you are able to go inside one of the trains. If you love trains this is the place to come and if you have a kid who is obsessed with trains then this is your place. This is a place where you can let your kid run around. These trains are very old and are in need of some tender, loving, care, but they still are amazing to see. We wish we were able to go into more trains and be able to see how they looked from the inside when they were created. However, we loved using our imagination and just wondering how they use to look like. Let’s continue with our adventure. 

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Martial Arts History Museum

Andy loves Martial Arts and when he heard about this museum he literally said that is our next adventure, so guess what? Here we are at the Martial Arts History Museum. It is a very small museum, however it has a lot great historic information and plenty displays of weapons and outfits that are worn during Martial Arts. Andy was very excited to visit this museum and to be honest it looks like he had a great time. The best part is this is something the whole family can enjoy and learn together. Let’s begin with talking about what we saw and learned about Marital Arts. 

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Autry Museum of the American West

Today’s adventure takes us to The Autry Museum which is a very beautiful museum full of art, history and culture. The museum is located in Griffith Park, across from the LA Zoo. It has plenty of exhibits to discover throughout the museum. The museum was remodeled in 2013 and it is simply beautiful. It has pieces of art and artifacts including the Southwest Museum of the American Indian Collection. This is one of the largest and most symbolic collection of Native Americans. Let’s continue talk about the Autry Museum.

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Ripely’s Believe It or Not Museum

For fourth of July Andy and I decided to go to Hollywood and visit one of their museums. We had never been to a museum in Hollywood so we thought why not? We decided to choose Ripley’s Believe It or Not since it looked interesting. We weren’t sure what to expect but we were glad we choose Ripely’s museum. We had a good time looking around the museum and just enjoying ourselves. 

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Agricultural Museum

We were visiting the city of Santa Paula and ran into the Agricultural Museum. This museum conserves and displays farming and ranching history locally. In addition, it explores the current and future of the agricultural history. If you have never visited Ventura County, we really recommend it. You will be able to see many fields of different vegetables and fruits, it is mind blowing how our food is grown.  This museum helps visitors understand the importance of agriculture. 

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William Hart Museum and Park

We stumbled across William Hart Museum and Park, which is located in Newhall, CA. We would always drive by the park, until finally one day we said lets just get off and begin an adventure. Once we started to explore it was a whole another world inside the park. It was gorgeous and filled with so much history.  Honestly, we never expected for this park to have so much to do and see. We spent a couple hours just exploring this place. We learned who William Hart was and some history of Santa Clarita Valley. Let’s jump into this adventure because Andy and I were very excited about exploring this place.

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The Getty Villa Museum

The Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades, CA has so much ground to explore and enjoy. The museum will keep you there for hours with their beautiful art, architecture and gardens. In addition, some parts of the museum have some great views of the beach which is located across the street. Below I listed some information about the museum.

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