Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve

Earlier this year Andy and I decided to go visit the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve. We were very excited since we were going to be able to see a filed of California poppies. Your probably thinking really this is special? Yes, it looks very beautiful in the pictures and we always wanted to see them in person. People drive hundreds of miles to see our States flowers, so why not go if they are close to where we live. The closest field to us is located in Lancaster, CA. We had never been to the poppy reserve however, it was a great experience to explore and adventure out too Lancaster. Let’s begin with our adventure.

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Deukmejian Wilderness Park

Today adventure takes us to La Crescenta, CA, which holds a special place in our hearts. We not only got married there but I (Jackie) use to live here. We would love to go back and live out there, since there is so much natures surrounding this city. There is so much to do and explore in that City, and we plan to do a Five things to do in La Crescenta, CA after the holidays. The best part about this City, the backyard is the Angeles National Forest. Once you have the Angeles National Forest as your backyard, you know there will be plenty of adventures and exploring. Andy and I decided to visit Deukmejian Wilderness Park, this place is a hidden gem and only people who live in the area know about it. Now let’s continue with our adventure for today.

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Whitney Canyon Park Trail in Newhall CA

One of the best things about living in Santa Clarita Valley is all the hiking trails that surround this city. During Fall season Andy and I love hiking and being able to enjoy nature. We love exploring new hikes especially when trees, flowers and plants are blooming. After a stressful day or week, it is always good to enjoy, explore and get lost in nature. Making time for yourself is such an important part of life that we tend to forget because we are all so busy. Hiking at Whitney Canyon Park felt very adventurous and we loved spending time with each other and nature. Lets talk about our experience while hiking Whitney Canyon Park Trail:

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The Old Zoo in Griffith Park

The Old Zoo is an abandoned zoo located in Griffith Park, CA. Honestly, Andy and I had no idea this place existed. Plenty of people were recommending this place and now we understand why. The Old Zoo still has some of the cages and ruins of animal enclosures. Some of the big cages have picnic areas, you can enjoy having lunch with beautiful views of Griffith park. Lastly, there is a hike trail you can enjoy with beautiful views of the surrounding cities. 

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Placerita Canyon Centrar de Naturaleza

Andy y yo hemos estado viviendo en Santa Clarita por cerca de 4 años y nunca hemos visitado el parque Placerita Canyon. Había mucho que ver, senderos, historia y toda la naturaleza sucediendo. La mejor parte de este parque es que hay muchas áreas sombreadas con una variedad de árboles, como los robledales, Willow y Sycamore. Hay un montón de rutas de senderismo para familias con mesas de picnic. Nos lo pasamos muy bien y esperamos que esté en el área de Santa Clarita que visite este lugar.

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Placerita Canyon Nature Center

Andy and I have been living in Santa Clarita for about 4 years and we have never visited The Placerita Canyon park. There was so much to see, trails, history and all around nature happening. The best part of this park is there are plenty of shaded areas with a variety of trees such as Oak groves, Willow and Sycamore. There are plenty of family friendly hiking trails with picnic tables. We had a great time and we hope if your in the Santa Clarita area that you visit this place.

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William Hart Museum and Park

We stumbled across William Hart Museum and Park, which is located in Newhall, CA. We would always drive by the park, until finally one day we said lets just get off and begin an adventure. Once we started to explore it was a whole another world inside the park. It was gorgeous and filled with so much history.  Honestly, we never expected for this park to have so much to do and see. We spent a couple hours just exploring this place. We learned who William Hart was and some history of Santa Clarita Valley. Let’s jump into this adventure because Andy and I were very excited about exploring this place.

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Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park

Before starting this blog I (Jackie) always thought going on adventures or exploring we needed to have money to spend. Andy was the one who inspired me and made me realize that an adventure all depends on your attitude. This is why we are starting to explore our city. There are plenty of free things to do in your city; all you have to do is search for them. We came across Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park, which to be honest has been one of our favorite places to go.

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