Cruising on Highway 126 from Valencia to Oxnard in California

We decided to cruise down highway 126 to go to Oxnard, CA. We love driving the scenic highway which lets us see animals and crops being grown. This is as close I (Jackie) would get to countryside, we live in LA county so this is not an everyday thing for me. Andy grew up with fields and farm life, however I grew up in cities so for him this may not be so new. However it is great to be able to just drive and see nothing but fields, animals, farms and plants. We always have a great time taking the back way, it feels less stressful because there is always less traffic and you get an amazing scenery. 

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How We Are Dealing with COVID-19

When ringing the new year we thought this was going to be a good year, we were going to accomplish so much. Andy and I had plenty of trips planned this year and we couldn’t wait to blog about them. However, COVID-19 arrived and we did not expect it to literally stop our whole life. Once we saw everything closing, it is when everything began to kick in. We have reframed from talking about what is going on because we felt like we were fine at first. To be honest everything started to kick in and we started to feel anxiety and fear. So we wanted to share with you how we are dealing with COVID-19 and how we are trying to improve both of our lives.

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Virtual Tours of National Parks & Monuments

In honor of it being National Parks week, we decided why not take virtual tours of National Parks and Monuments. National Park week begins on April 18, 2020 and ends on April 26 2020. Andy and I decided to look for amazing National Parks and there is so many we couldn’t stop looking. We found a couple that we would defiantly would love to visit. We had a blast going through these National Parks and we couldn’t believe the beautiful sceneries that are in our nation. The National Parks listed below are ones Andy and I have not visited, however will be in our bucket list for sure. Let’s go over some National Parks we found that offer a virtual tour.

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Walking Around Our Neighborhood

These days walking around our neighborhood has been a way to entertain ourselves. Adventures around our neighborhood so far have been fun with beautiful views. The reason Andy and I started this blog was to make sure people go outside and explore your neighborhood, state, country or world. However, because of the COVID-19 we have now been told to stay home. We understand that during these hard times it makes plenty of people have anxiety, depression and feel lonely. We want to make sure we are able to help you during these times. Remember you are not alone and there are plenty of people going through these tough times. This weekend we walked around our neighborhood and we had a pleasant time exploring our neighborhood. 

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Our Five Favorite Places We Have Visited

This week our adventure was looking through pictures about places we have previously visited and we had a blast remembering these places. We loved going through the pictures and the memories we have made during our adventure. This year we had plans of going to Arizona, Oregon and El Salvador, however with everything going on we are staying home. We are patiently waiting until we can go outdoors to adventure and explore these places. The names on the locations have a link to the blog post we have previously posted about these places. The list below are our five favorite places we have visited and had a blast being there. 

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Walking at Hidden Willow in Santa Clarita

California is officially in lockdown and we can’t adventure as much as we usually do since everything is closed. To be honest being stuck at home is not fun, we love being outside and just finding adventure in new places. However, we are taking social distancing very serious since we do not want to catch the virus. Our Governor has allowed us to take walks around our neighborhood and to be honest Andy and I have been loving our walks. On Sunday, we went on a walk around our area, we loved being outside and it made us miss our adventures. We did take a beautiful walk today and loved how we had some peace and quiet and we weren’t surrounded by so many people. 

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Adventuring on My Own at Seabridge Marina

I am use to Andy going on adventures with me, so when he had to go to work on Saturday I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. To be honest I wanted to wait for Andy and go on an adventure on Sunday, however it’s Super Bowl Sunday and Andy is a big  NFL football fan so I knew that was not going to happen. I drove around Oxnard and was not sure where I should or what to do. I stumbled across Seabridge Marina and to be honest I had not been here for a while. This place has completely changed, it was beautiful and peaceful. It was a great place to just spend time by myself. 

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Funko Hollywood

Today’s adventure is taking us to the Funko Hollywood store. Andy and I have been wanting to visit this store and to be honest we loved it. There were so many life size Funko pops and so much merchandise to buy. Andy loves to collect Funko Pops and he loved seeing all the pops this store had to offer. The best part is there are plenty of exhibits that include Disney, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel, Horror films and DC heroes just to name a few. The exhibits are full of photo ops with great Funko pops and lounge fly merchandise. We weren’t sure what to expect, however we had a blast with all the Funko Pops available. 

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Five Things to do in Santa Clarita Valley, CA

Today’s adventure is taking you to Santa Clarita Valley, this city has so much to do and see. Andy and I have been living here for about five years and to be honest we didn’t start exploring Santa Clarita Valley until we started this blog a year ago. Santa Clarita is the third largest city in Los Angeles county and it is located 35 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles. Santa Clarita has plenty of beautiful views, hiking trails, you are able to get lost in nature and enjoy plenty of history. We always thought there was nothing to do here, however once we started looking for adventure we started to fall in love with the city. Let’s get started and let us show you some places to visit. 

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Traveling Highway 126 from Valencia to Fillmore in California

Andy and I had planned to begin our adventure with Rancho Camulos Museum, however  the museum was closed. Don’t worry it definitely did not ruin our day or stop us from finding a new adventure. We figured why not adventure on highway 126 up to Fillmore since there is so much beautiful scenery. Andy and I always take highway 126 when we drive to visit his parents in Ventura County and we love seeing the all the farm animals and crops, when we pass by. After we finished our adventure we stopped at a place to eat in Valencia, CA. Even though at first it didn’t go as planned we had a great time exploring new places. 

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