Ventura Botanical Garden

Today’s adventure takes us back to the beautiful city of Ventura. Just when we think we are done, we always find a new gem to visit. Ventura Botanical Garden is the destination we visited, we had been very curious about this place and we were glad we got to visit it. If you have not gone visited Ventura, CA. Andy and I highly recommend you visit this beautiful city which is located near the beach. Visit our previous blog “Five Things to do in Ventura, CA” and “Serra Cross in Ventura, CA” for more information about the city. When Andy and I went to visit the botanical gardens we did not know what to expect and we weren’t sure what type of garden it was. Let’s continue our adventure in this botanical garden.

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Japanese Garden

Visiting a Japanese Garden was very calming with delightful views. It was such a great place to experience and we were very excited. The views around the garden were just breathtaking. There are so many photo opportunities throughout the garden. You will be able to see many beautiful trees, waterfalls and flowers. Andy and I were very happy to find this hidden gem in the heart of San Fernando Valley. So let’s continue with information about the Japanese Garden.

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Descanso Garden

We have been trying to think about how to describe Descanso Gardens and to be honest all we can say it’s paradise. Strolling around Descanso Gardens is very therapeutic and relaxing. There are a total of nine (9) gardens and you literally feel like you are in a different world. The best part about the garden you do not just enjoy the flowers, you will see some beautiful plants and trees. Here is some information about the gardens:

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Water Conservatory Garden & Learning Center

The Water Conservatory Garden is another hidden gem that we stumbled across while searching for things to do in our area. This is why we always emphasize in exploring your city, you will find things you never knew existed. This is a great location to visit if you just want to take a stroll or relax. Andy and I loved coming here to get away from the city life, it was very secluded and we loved just being with nature. During a stressful day or week, we always recommend nature, since it has a way to just make you forget about everything.

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