Bee Canyon Park in Granada Hills, CA

It has been a very hectic month, we have not been doing as much exploring due to the fires that have been surrounding us. We have been close for evacuation and since the streets and freeways have been closed we have not been able to do much adventuring. However, todays adventure is taking you to a park called Bee Canyon Park which is located in Granada Hills. While driving from work I would notice this park and the trees would catch my attention. Nature is calling us lately. Andy and I decided to go explore this park and see what kind of adventure we can get into. Lets get started with our adventure for today:

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Central Park in Santa Clarita, CA

In todays adventure we take you to Central Park in Santa Clarita, CA. Andy and I love visiting this park, it is so big and it has it all. This park is a perfect place to play sports, have a picnic, hike, it has a community garden, dog park, child play area and pathways to walk around the park. Central Park is always a great place to take a walk even during dark since there are so many people. If you live in Santa Clarita or are ever in the Santa Clarita area we truly recommend this beautiful park. The park is always clean and well maintained, always a lot of parking available and there plenty of festivities throughout the year. Let’s get started with information about the gorgeous park.

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