Coffin Cemetery Yard Display

Today’s adventure takes us to a spooky location, so we can begin celebrating Halloween. Since Halloween is around the corner Andy and I decided, let’s start getting into the Halloween spirit. Now before we continue, I (Jackie) am not a person who loves scary mazes or anything scary. My brother and Andy got a kick when they saw my reaction once I  noticed there was a little walk through maze in this person’s garage. My brother and Andy love Halloween, if it was up to my brother it would be Halloween every single day. Once I saw the short maze, I said I will do it since our blog is called adventure and this is definitely an adventure for me. Now when I mean short I mean this was literally a one minute or less maze. Let’s continue with this amazing yard display we were able to visit, in the Santa Clarita Valley area.

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Festival of Lights at the Mission Inn

It’s the Holiday Season and your probably wondering where you can go see some amazing lights for the holidays? Well you are in luck! We finally were able to visit the Mission Inn & Spa, which is located in Riverside, CA. The Mission Inn & Spa is a four (4)-diamond hotel with so much beauty and history. So how about we begin and we share our adventure at the Mission Inn.

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