Whitney Canyon Park Trail in Newhall CA

One of the best things about living in Santa Clarita Valley is all the hiking trails that surround this city. During Fall season Andy and I love hiking and being able to enjoy nature. We love exploring new hikes especially when trees, flowers and plants are blooming. After a stressful day or week, it is always good to enjoy, explore and get lost in nature. Making time for yourself is such an important part of life that we tend to forget because we are all so busy. Hiking at Whitney Canyon Park felt very adventurous and we loved spending time with each other and nature. Lets talk about our experience while hiking Whitney Canyon Park Trail:

Address: 20303 Newhall Ave Newhall, CA 91321
Parking: Free
Admission: Free

Bring with you:
Plenty of Water
Snacks (incase you get hungry)
First Aid kit

Whitney Canyon Park Trail is about 2.9 miles. It is an easy hike however it will give you a good workout. Andy and I had a great time walking around and getting lost in nature.

When  Andy and I arrived we started to walk the trail and it was green with beautiful flowers. While walking we saw bunnies, birds and plenty of lizards running around. We have read there are snakes here too so just be cautious. While walking we saw plenty of small flowers which had vibrant colors. The flowers made the trail look so beautiful and gave it more life. Due to plenty of rain we had this year it sure was green when we went. 

While walking further in we noticed there was plenty of trees which provided a lot of shade. During Spring this is a great trail since the trees provide a great breeze. We noticed there was a river trail, however no water was around. We are guessing we probably got there too late to see  the water. 

We went a second time and it was closer to sunset and to be honest it looked gorgeous. Nature, the sky, clouds and seeing the sunset make it a great experience. There were times Andy and I would stop and just enjoy the sunset since it was a beautiful scenery. There are times when you just need to enjoy yourself and take it all in. 

The only downside Andy and I agreed on was there was a lot of power lines in the beginning of the hike. The static would honestly through us off and power lines with nature don’t go together. That was the only downside of the location. 

Lastly when hiking we do ask that you please respect nature. If you have any trash, please do not throw it on the floor or on trees. Carry a little bag with you and throw away the trash when you get home or the nearest trash can. We saw trash around the trails and it was devastating knowing that we aren’t caring about the world. Little things go a long way, so let’s take care of our world. 

Andy and I love being able to spend time together especially when surrounded by nature. It is important to take care of yourself and take time to get away from everyday life. We are so busy with life that at time we forget to enjoy ourselves. We had a great time walking around and enjoyed seeing the animals, trees and flowers. When hiking we always recommend either early in the morning or close to sunset. Before you start hiking make sure you read about the trail and train your body. Start with an easy hike and work your way up, there are some amazing hikes with beautiful views. 

What do you think about Whitney Canyon Park Trail? 

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