Mission San Fernando Rey de España

In today adventure we are taking you to San Fernando Mission which is located in the North end of San Fernando Valley. Andy and I have been here plenty of times to celebrate weddings, quniceneras (15th birthday) and funerals. Even if you are not religious there are plenty of paintings, sculptures and literature that are worth seeing. The last mission we went to was the San Buenaventura Mission and this Mission is definitely bigger. To see our post about the last mission just click on the San Buenaventura Mission link. There is so much to see and it will keep you busy for about 2 hours. 

Address: 15151 San Fernando Mission Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 91345
Admission: $5
Parking: Free
Hours: Monday thru Sunday – 9:00AM to 4:30PM

Mission San Fernando Rey de España is a Spanish mission which was founded on September 8, 1797. The mission was founded by Padre Fermin Francisco de Lasuen and is the seventh mission out of twenty-one. 

We started off with the Historical Museum Building which holds pictorial history of the mission. There are plenty of pottery, woven baskets, Santos and etc. They have so much in display that you will not get bored.

Then we walked over to see Convento which had so much to see. We first walked into the wine cellar. We went downstairs and noticed it still smelled like wine. The wine was stored in cool, dark and dry area with wooden casks. We then went back upstairs and go to see the library. The books in the library looked very old and I wish we could open them and just browse through them. We even were able to see a grill where food was cooked in. 

The Madonna Room was one of Jackie’s favorite places to visit. It is well hidden, however there are plenty of signs which are guiding you to the room. There are several status, plaques, paintings, and depictions of the blessed Mother. It was so beautiful in there and there was so much to see. 

Behind the Mission we noticed there was a statue of Padre Fermin Francisco de Lausen. It is around the West garden. The west garden is full of trees and green grass, it just looked so beautiful. 

We then arrived to the Old Mission Church and it was so beautiful in there. The mission is clean and well taken care off. We loved looking at the alter, it was just so beautiful. There are plenty of people praying, however you are still able to visit the mission. Only times they do not allow is if there is something going on. The paintings around the mission were very beautiful. We loved seeing inside the mission where Catholics use to go and confess. 

We walked into the workshops and it was able to recreate how carpentry, pottery, saddle and blacksmith shops look like. We walked in and noticed the tools they used and how their final products looked like. We thought it was amazing what people can do and how things have changed.

Finally we arrived at Bob Hope Memorial Garden, this is where Bob Hope and his wife Leslie Hope are permanently entombed. The garden is very beautiful and peaceful. There are benches to enjoy the flowers, trees and small rivers of water. It is very quiet and just a great place to just go and relax. This place is definitely a great place to end the self-guided tour. 

We then ended on the East garden, which to be honest looked so beautiful. There is a West and East garden and they are well maintained. The East garden has plenty of trees, green grass and a water fountain. There are plenty of opportunities for pictures. We sat down for a bit and just enjoyed the view before we left.

Andy and I loved visiting the San Fernando Mission, so far we have seen two and this one has been our favorite. There is plenty to do and see, you will definitely be there for a while. If you live close by or are in the area, we would recommend visiting this Mission. There is so much history and lots to see. Andy and I can’t wait to see how the other missions look like. We love visiting the missions since we get to learn so much and Andy loves learning about history. Well we hope you enjoyed this adventure, we will see you in our next adventure!

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