Deukmejian Wilderness Park

Today adventure takes us to La Crescenta, CA, which holds a special place in our hearts. We not only got married there but I (Jackie) use to live here. We would love to go back and live out there, since there is so much natures surrounding this city. There is so much to do and explore in that City, and we plan to do a Five things to do in La Crescenta, CA after the holidays. The best part about this City, the backyard is the Angeles National Forest. Once you have the Angeles National Forest as your backyard, you know there will be plenty of adventures and exploring. Andy and I decided to visit Deukmejian Wilderness Park, this place is a hidden gem and only people who live in the area know about it. Now let’s continue with our adventure for today.

Address: 3429 Markridge Rd, Glendale, CA 91214.
Parking: Free, there is always a parking spot for you to park even though there is not much parking.

The park section has tables and benches where you can have a picnic and enjoy the view. There are plenty of picnic tables either under the sun or are covered. If you cannot find a table you can always bring a blanket and enjoy a picnic on the grass with an amazing view. Yes, you can eat outside and enjoy the views that surround you of the city or you can enjoy the beautiful trees around this park. While at the park make sure to visit the grape vines, they are blocked to the public but always awesome to see. 

Now before I continue with the hiking something Andy and I didn’t research is that this hike is leveled as hard in the All Trails app. Andy and I hardly hiked all summer due to the heat, so we were not prepared for a hard hike. This was our first officially hike for fall and boy was it tough. The hike was uphill and I had forgotten how hard it can get going uphill. 

Some of our recommendations when you go hiking for the first time, make sure that you take enough snacks and water. Also we would recommend a first aid kit, just in case. If you are not a pro when it comes to hiking, make sure to stay on the trails. 

Andy and I began hiking and loving the scenery which surrounded us. We did see a lot of small lizards running around and a couple of Blue Jay birds flying past us. We got excited seeing the Blue Jays since their coat color would stand out, it really made our day. It was not as green as we wanted to see, however it was not so dry like it is here in Santa Clarita. 

We noticed a couple of Christmas Trees that were planted a long the hike. Not sure who these trees belong too but we loved seeing them around. There were even baby Christmas Trees, which were barely planted. It honestly, added the holiday touch to our hike.

Then we ran into the McFall Oak tree and we loved how huge this tree is. There are even benches underneath the trees which has plenty of shade since this tree is so big. Also, the tree is well taken care.

The views during this hike are breathtaking. We unfortunately did not get to reach the top, however we still were able to enjoy the views that we saw. It has been said that on a clear day you can even see downtown LA. 

The higher we got the more we noticed that the mountains would surround us. It is good when you reach an area where you are literally be alone with nature. Andy and I loved being in a part where we were surrounded by mountains, trees, plants and the small lizards running around.

There are plenty of people walking around, we love it because there is enough people but not as full as other hiking trails get. We love visiting hiking trails that are not full of people. The reason we go hiking is to get away from city life for a couple of hours so we definitely love being away from people for a bit. As people, we are constantly on the run so make sure to stop and enjoy nature when you are hiking.

Andy and I had a great time making an adventure while at Deukmejian Wilderness Park, this was definitely an adventure. We did not do our research before the hike and we found out the hard way that this was considered a hard hike. So make sure to do some research before you go hiking, if this is your first time start with an easy hike. All Trails is an app we would recommend it gives you a listing of all the hiking trails around you. We both laughed after finishing the hike and definitely felt the pain the next day. If you are a pro at hiking, you will appreciate this hike. Andy and I had a great time and we wouldn’t change it if we could. This is what adventures is all about, going places and learning new things. We didn’t even get to finish the hike because we began to get tired. We did it and will go back once we get use to hiking. We hope you enjoyed this adventure and we will see you on our next adventure.

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