Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve

Earlier this year Andy and I decided to go visit the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve. We were very excited since we were going to be able to see a filed of California poppies. Your probably thinking really this is special? Yes, it looks very beautiful in the pictures and we always wanted to see them in person. People drive hundreds of miles to see our States flowers, so why not go if they are close to where we live. The closest field to us is located in Lancaster, CA. We had never been to the poppy reserve however, it was a great experience to explore and adventure out too Lancaster. Let’s begin with our adventure.

Location: 15101 Lancaster Road Lancaster, CA 93536
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset
$10 per vehicle
$9 per vehicle with a senior on board (62 and over)
$5 per vehicle with DPR Disabled Discount Card
For more information you can always visit their website at Antelope Valley California poppy Reserve.

Three Fun Facts:

  • California Golden Poppy is the California State Flower
  • Massive Poppy fields were featured in “The Wizard of Oz”
  • Poppies are known to be used as a form of holistic medicine in treatment for muscle aches, diarrhea and abdominal cramping to nam a few. 

When we arrived too Lancaster before the Poppy Reserve we were able to see plenty of poppies surrounding the area. Plenty of cars were parked taking pictures of the beautiful poppy flowers. People had even brought their dogs and had them posing next to the flowers. In case you do not want to pay the parking fee you can always park outside the reserve and enjoy the flowers. 

Unfortunately, the poppies were not fully bloomed, however the flowers that were out made it look so beautiful. Next year we definitely plan to allow more time pass by so that we can see the poppies bloom. We have seen plenty of pictures and would love to see the flowers fully bloomed. 

Driving up to the reserve we noticed how beautiful the area is. The hills were very green with some patches of orange colored poppies. We noticed this is a great place to adventure and do some hiking. We started going up the hill and hoped there would be a rewarding view for us when we reached the top. It did not have a lot of people the day we arrived so that made it a lot more fun. By the parking lot there were tables with benches, so you can enjoy a picnic on a beautiful day. 

We started hiking up the hills and we noticed they had different paths you can take so you can probably be there for hours. Make sure you stay on the path especially when the poppies are in full bloom. Walking up the hills you can see the different paths that are available for you to walk on. Since it had been raining a lot the hills were very green. The views were amazing since there was so much greenery and hills surrounding us. 

Once we reached the top we noticed clouds were coming closer and we started to feel water drops. There was a storm passing by, however it did not stop many people from enjoying the view. Many people were still walking up the hill and just enjoying their time. 

Walking down the hill we had some amazing views surrounding the area. We were even able to see the clouds getting closer and the best part is we were able to see the rain coming towards us. 

Andy and I had a great time exploring this new area and seeing the batches of poppies around us. We had a great time walking the pathways and just enjoying the scenery. We had views of mountains all around us. This is a great area to just relax and enjoy yourself while trying to take a hike. It is always a great time especially when we get to learn about new places where we can enjoy. The views in this area are just incredible, walking the pathways sure make it an adventure. We hope you enjoyed this adventure and we will see you next week.

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