Traveling Highway 126 from Valencia to Fillmore in California

Andy and I had planned to begin our adventure with Rancho Camulos Museum, however  the museum was closed. Don’t worry it definitely did not ruin our day or stop us from finding a new adventure. We figured why not adventure on highway 126 up to Fillmore since there is so much beautiful scenery. Andy and I always take highway 126 when we drive to visit his parents in Ventura County and we love seeing the all the farm animals and crops, when we pass by. After we finished our adventure we stopped at a place to eat in Valencia, CA. Even though at first it didn’t go as planned we had a great time exploring new places. 

We started in highway 126 and decided to begin our adventure in the small city of Fillmore which belongs to Ventura County. A little history about Fillmore, it was founded in 1887 once the Southern Pacific Rail line arrived. Fillmore is known for its orange groves and has a population of about 15,002 according to the 2010 census. 

Andy and I had a great time visiting Fillmore, we always pass this small city so many times we never really stopped and enjoyed the town. We first started with the Fillmore & Western Railway Company to go see the great trains they had.  Fillmore has a railroad train which takes you on a scenic excursion on the weekend. It looked like this would a great reason to come back and visit Fillmore. If you want more information on Fillmore & Western Railway click on the link for cost information. The weekend scenic train makes different stops depending on which day you reserve. 

When walking around Fillmore we felt like we were in a movie that takes place in a small city. The town is very cozy, intimate and looks like people can tell when you aren’t from Fillmore. We saw a barber shop, plenty of  antique shops, restaurants and liquor stores. We ran into a closed run down movie theatre and it just took us back to the old days when we didn’t have any fancy apps to order our tickets. 

Then we headed to Central Park which is where there City Hall is located. Central Park still had a Christmas tree up and it looks like this is where all the fun happens. This is where you can also find the trains. Andy and I walked around Central Park especially since it was such a beautiful day. 

We then decided to leave and drive highway 126 to Valencia so we can go grab lunch. We stopped at Rancho Camulos Museum, to take some pictures from the outside. We saw plenty of orange groves which surrounded us all over while driving. With the rain we have had it has helped our agriculture so much. We loved driving and seeing all the mountains, crops growing and big trees. Andy and I had a great time with our adventure and we were glad it turned to be a lot of fun. Taking highway 126 is the closest to country side for us, since we live in big cities this is why we love taking this highway. Driving on the countryside makes us feel like we are leaving the big city and we can just enjoy the scenery while driving. 

Driving back to Valencia we stopped at Temakitto since we have heard such great things about this place. Temakitto is a Japanese asian fusion place to eat. We ended up eating a Japanese burrito called Pollo Teriyaki Burrito with Cannibal Fries. The Pollo teriyaki burrito was filled with teriyaki chicken, leaf lettuce, pickled cucumber, picked radish, carrot, mango pico de Gallo, creamy teriyaki wrapped in white rice. Cannibal fries were garlic fries with beef and an amazing sauce over them. We were so glad we stopped by this place because the food taste great and we cannot wait to go back and enjoy of more things they have to offer. 

As stated earlier, we had our adventure planned out and our plans ended up changing. When going on adventures just know sometimes it does not go as planned and that is ok, just smile and make the best of it. I (Jackie) love to plan things and when my plans do not go as planned it can sometimes be hard for me. However, with Andy by my side it is always great since he brings me back to my senses and gives me options of what we can do to continue our adventure. It’s always great to have that person with you to bring you back to reality. Andy and I had a great time going to our adventure and then having lunch together. After a long week at work we love going to our adventures since it becomes a time him and I get to bond and enjoy new places together. Well we hoped you enjoyed our first adventure for 2020! Well see you at our next adventure.

What do you think about highway 126 from Fillmore to Valencia?

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