Mission San Gabriel Arcángel

Todays adventure takes us to Mission San Gabriel Arcángel, this is our third California mission we have been able to visit. We have been able to visit Mission San Buenaventura and Mission San Fernando Rey de España, click on the links to see our previous post about these missions.  We are very excited since this is one our bucket list, to be able to visit all of the California missions. There is a total of 21 Missions in California, which means we only have 18 left to visit. There is so much history to learn about and see in each mission. Once you go into the Mission it is just breathtaking since each has something special to see. Let’s begin with our journey inside of Mission San Gabriel Arcángel. 

Location: 428 South Mission Drive San Gabriel, CA 91776
Admission: 0-5 yrs. old – Free, 6-17 yrs old – $3, 18-65 yrs old – $6 and 65 and older – $5.
Hours: Monday is closed, Tuesday – Saturday 9AM to 4:30PM and Sunday 10AM – 4PM 

Fun Facts About the Mission:

  • Founded in September 8, 1771
  • Named after Arcángel Gabriel
  • Fourth Spanish mission in California
  • The mission moved three miles from its original location
  • Oldest cemetery in Los Angeles
  • There are 6,000 Indians buried there 
  • One of Alta California’s well-known producers of wine grapes in mission days. 

When we arrived we walked through the gift shop, payed our dues and started our self-guided tour outside. We started with the garden that had different types of flowers with different colors. Unfortunately the fountain was not working, we figured it would look very beautiful and feel peaceful if it was working. This path then leads us to an exhibit of the different missions located in California. Andy and I then came across a beautiful alter of the Virgin of Guadalupe which was decorated with plenty of flowers. Then Andy got to ring a bell which was rang when a meal was ready and we got to see the kitchen that was used to cook and eat. 

We then came across a new garden filled with cactus, big trees and trees filled with oranges. It also displayed two huts where the Gabrielino Indians lived which to be honest we can’t believe on how those are created. They are well kept and looked beautiful. From this courtyard, you are able to see the tower of the bells. We then passed a courtyard and saw a small museum which was filled with art, old books, how bedrooms looked and plenty of other religious artifacts.  

After the museum we visited the cemetery which is said to be the oldest cemetery in Los Angeles. There are plenty status around this area. 

Finally we were able to see the mission from the inside. There was a wedding that was about to start but we were glad we walked inside and were able to explore the mission. We walked up to the alter and admired everything we were able to see. What really caught our eye is where baptism are performed. The painting of Jesus being baptized by John the Baptist added that special touch. 

We finished exploring the inside of the mission, so we decided to walk out and go see how the mission looks from the outside. The mission has huge walls and we finally were able to see the tower with bells. It was beautiful and we can’t imagine how this mission was built in the 1700’s. It’s just amazing how these missions where built and how they still stand after all these years. 

The mission is a functioning Roman Catholic mission and a historic landmark which has plenty of history. As stated earlier this is the third mission we visit and we are loving all the history we have learned between Mission San Buenaventura, Mission San Fernando Rey de España and Mission San Gabriel Arcángel. We cannot wait to go on additional adventures and explore more California missions. Going on adventures are always fun especially when you get to learn about the history of our state and how people use to live and survive before us. After your done don’t forget to visit the gift shop, it had some pretty amazing things to see. This concludes our adventure for today, we hope to see you next week on our next adventure. 

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