Walking at Hidden Willow in Santa Clarita

California is officially in lockdown and we can’t adventure as much as we usually do since everything is closed. To be honest being stuck at home is not fun, we love being outside and just finding adventure in new places. However, we are taking social distancing very serious since we do not want to catch the virus. Our Governor has allowed us to take walks around our neighborhood and to be honest Andy and I have been loving our walks. On Sunday, we went on a walk around our area, we loved being outside and it made us miss our adventures. We did take a beautiful walk today and loved how we had some peace and quiet and we weren’t surrounded by so many people. 

When going out, Andy and I look at one thing which is how many people will be surrounding us. If we see too many people walking around in a certain area we will stay away and try to find another path that is emptier. Remember to keep practicing distance with people and do not surround yourself with so many people. 

One of the best parts about living at Santa Clarita is that there is so many places to hike and plenty of paths to walk on. The best part is that these paths to walk on have a great scenery and make you feel like you’re away from the city. The hike and path for walks are great because of the nature that surrounds you. 

Since we will not be able to take the adventures we had planned we figured to bring you guys along on our walks. Just in case you are not able to go out we hope our adventure walks bring some form of happiness for you. Our adventures will now be walks around our neighborhood and we hope you enjoy them.

Hidden Willow is a great place to walk around since you are surrounded by mountains, trees, flowers and nature. Andy and I had never been up this place so we were curious about what we would find. The best thing to do right now is explore your neighborhood, you never know what great places you might find. Andy and I were ready to go on a hike, however we noticed many cars parked and plenty of people walking around, as stated earlier we did not want to be surrounded by so many people. We ended up finding this little path to walk on and we loved it. 

Walking around these paths was great since we got to see different types of flowers. We saw sunflowers, red roses and these small purple flowers. The small purple flowers are Jackie’s favorite since a bunch grow at a time and they look beautiful once they have bloomed.  

We also had a great view from the paths that we walked. Andy and I had city views of Santa Clarita. It was a beautiful day so we were able to get great views all around us. We found a hiking trail, however it was very muddy and slippery since it has been raining. We decided not to go on the hiking tail due to it being very narrow and we didn’t feel secure walking on it. 

Our morning walk was amazing and we learned of a new place where we can go walking at. As a reminder, keep your distance from people, do not go into crowded places and wash your hands with soap or use hand sanitizer. Getting to explore your neighborhood is a great place to begin in case you want to go outside and get some fresh air. Andy and I had a great time walking around this path since we needed some fresh air, get our exercise and have a little adventure. Being indoors is not the best and it is not fun, however please make sure to be safe when going outside. We hope these small adventures at least make your day or help you find adventure near your home. We’ll see you in our next adventure, we hope everyone stays safe.

Have you found any great places to walk around your neighborhood? 

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