Our Five Favorite Places We Have Visited

This week our adventure was looking through pictures about places we have previously visited and we had a blast remembering these places. We loved going through the pictures and the memories we have made during our adventure. This year we had plans of going to Arizona, Oregon and El Salvador, however with everything going on we are staying home. We are patiently waiting until we can go outdoors to adventure and explore these places. The names on the locations have a link to the blog post we have previously posted about these places. The list below are our five favorite places we have visited and had a blast being there. 

Vasquez Rocks – It is located in Agua Dulce in a small town between Santa Clarita and Palmdale, CA. This park is open from sunrise to sunset. There is plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy like picnic area, hiking trails and rock climbing. We love this place since we feel like we can get away from the city and get lost in nature. Sometimes we just need to get away from everyday life and just enjoy ourselves. It also has some great views while you are hiking.

Chinatown – Chinatown to be honest was a great adventure and we got to explore so much while being there. When Andy and I first researched Chinatown we didn’t expect to love it so much. The architecture, the food and things they sold there was just amazing. Visiting Chinatown was a great time and we loved it very much. There was so much to see and we just couldn’t believe how much we loved it there. 

Autry Museum – The museum is located in Los Angeles inside of Griffith Park across from the LA Zoo. This was a great museum to visit and we loved how beautiful it is. This place is filled with Native American art, artifacts, historic firearms and paintings. Andy and I spent hours inside this museum and we loved being there. The location is great and the museum is clean and there is plenty to see. We explored the museum and got to learn about the American West. 

The Getty Villa – This museum is located in Pacific Palisades which means the museum is literally across the beach. The beach always adds a special touch to any location. The best part about this museum is the gardens and the architecture. The gardens of the Getty Villa has a reflecting pool which looks amazing next to sculptures and beautiful views of the ocean. You will find information about the art of Greece, Rome and Etruria. 

Hawaii – Aloha! What can we say about Hawaii we literally saved the best for last. Hawaii is paradise and we are very thankful we were able to visit Hawaii. We got to visit the Kailua-Kona which is also known as the big island. This place is such a perfect place to visit, I mean you get rainbows everyday, the beaches look beautiful, the food is delicious, the drinks are great, so much greenery and it is such a calm place. We definitely want to go back since we feel we were there for so little time and didn’t get to enjoy Hawaii as much as we wanted too. There is so much to things to do here that we didn’t get to do it all, now we understand why people move to Hawaii.

Adventures have been the best thing we do and we love seeing and visiting new places. The places above are places we loved visiting and the best part is we enjoyed spending time together. We understand that staying at home can be hard right now, however please understand that staying home is what we need to do to keep ourselves and others safe. These are hard times and to be honest it has been really hard for Andy and I to just stay home, since we are not home bodies. We love to be outdoors finding adventures and once we find it we love to explore. We had a lot of plans this year and we are not sure if we are even going to travel within the states, however we are taking it day by day. Our adventure this week was going through our old adventures and just being thankful and feeling lucky to have been able to visit these amazing places. We hope you enjoyed it and we will see you next week.

Do you have any places you loved visiting? 

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