How We Are Dealing with COVID-19

When ringing the new year we thought this was going to be a good year, we were going to accomplish so much. Andy and I had plenty of trips planned this year and we couldn’t wait to blog about them. However, COVID-19 arrived and we did not expect it to literally stop our whole life. Once we saw everything closing, it is when everything began to kick in. We have reframed from talking about what is going on because we felt like we were fine at first. To be honest everything started to kick in and we started to feel anxiety and fear. So we wanted to share with you how we are dealing with COVID-19 and how we are trying to improve both of our lives.

Once everything started to shut down that is when we realized ok this is about to get serious. First Andy was told that his classes will be taught online. Then my job announced that we would begin working from home. My mother and brother would be considered essential workers so this meant they stayed at their jobs. To be honest I felt guilty that I was at home working meanwhile my mom worked at the office and risked getting the virus. The first couple of days we were filled with mixed emotions especially guilt. I think that was the hardest part to deal with in the beginning stages. 

Shortly after working from home we began hearing about family and friends who had the virus. We didn’t know what to do or say or how to help, the frustrating part was not knowing what our loved ones would be expecting. We have had family who is doing better, friends who are still sick, friends who have been discharged from ICU and I have a co-worker who’s husband is still in ICU. On top of that we had family who traveled from El Salvador and have been stuck here since the beginning of March. It has not been easy for my uncle and his family, since they aren’t working and are far away from home. These are the times when family and friends need to stick together, be kind and be there for each other. 

As stated before, Andy and I were ok at first, or maybe everything had not really sinked in. Once everything started happening I think this is when Andy and I just began to really feel it. Andy and I hated going grocery shopping because dealing with the crowds and lines are something we weren’t use too and became overwhelming. We usually aren’t use to walking away from people or not being able to socialize. We began to miss our families, it was especially hard not to be there physically for family when they felt scared or were not feeling well. So many problems and everything began to sink in and I think once it started to sink in that is when it started to affect. By affecting us I mean anxiety, depression and being afraid. 

Once all our problems started to sink in that is when we realized ok we need to change our ways of thinking. We can no longer think or do what we use to do. Our way of life has changed and to be honest we need to change with it. Andy and I began to change our eating habits and started to exercise. Then we began to think about how we could change our blog or how we can start making it better. We started to concentrate on how we can better ourselves during this time. I would complain so much that Andy and I never had time for each other, our blogs and to learn new things. Well this is when we begin to start working on ourselves. 

We began to keep ourselves occupied with things we use to say we wish we had time for. We finally have the time for it so why not take advantage of the time. We started taking care of our health, we now enjoy each other everyday, we have come up with ideas on how to better our blogs and instagram accounts. I am learning how to cook and better my skills in baking. We keep our parents on mind and make sure they are safe.

Keeping positive and getting though this as a team is the most important part during this pandemic. Finding activities that make you happy and that you always wanted to learn are a great way to keep your spirits up and keep you occupied. Eating healthy and exercising has helped Andy and I tremendously with sleeping better and feeling better about ourselves. Find your niche about what helps you keep your happiness and helps you stay positive. 

COVID-19 has not been easy and has literally changed our lives in many ways. Andy and I have used this time to change things about us that we wanted to change. We are working as a team to make sure we keep each others spirits up and that we are there for each other. Keeping in touch with our family and friends is also a way to enjoy ourselves and distracts us from these hard times. This update was a little longer than I expected, but we are hoping it helps someone to understand that what you’re feeling is ok. If you have any negative feelings make sure to take time to yourself, talk to someone about it and most importantly that you understand you are not alone. If you need anyone to talk to we are always open. We hope everyone remains safe and make sure to practice social distancing. We will continue next week with our adventure blog. 

How have you been dealing with COVID-19?

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