Cruising on Highway 126 from Valencia to Oxnard in California

We decided to cruise down highway 126 to go to Oxnard, CA. We love driving the scenic highway which lets us see animals and crops being grown. This is as close I (Jackie) would get to countryside, we live in LA county so this is not an everyday thing for me. Andy grew up with fields and farm life, however I grew up in cities so for him this may not be so new. However it is great to be able to just drive and see nothing but fields, animals, farms and plants. We always have a great time taking the back way, it feels less stressful because there is always less traffic and you get an amazing scenery. 

A few things you will see cruising on highway 126 are farms, animals, crops, cities and beautiful views. Andy and I love seeing all the farm houses as we drive by, they look so beautiful. We see plenty of cows and horses in the farms. The best part of this trip is being able to see all the lemons and oranges being grown in this area. We wish we could get closer to them but since they are in private property we enjoy them from afar. There are plenty of fruit stands down this highway, you can always take some home and enjoy them.

During this drive you will pass by the following three small cities, make sure to enjoy your time visiting these cities: 

First stop is Piru and we believe that is the smallest city of all three. In 2010 the population was 2,063 and it is located east of Ventura County, California. The city seemed to be small and quiet. We were able to drive around Piru and we noticed it had some history around it. We still feel we didn’t get to see everything but its definitely a place where we would want to return and visit.

The next city you will drive by is Fillmore. Fillmore is a lot more populated and there is a little more to do than in Piru. We previously explored Fillmore and wrote a post about it “Traveling Highway 126 from Valencia to Fillmore in California”. We had a great time exploring this city and looking for adventure. We told ourselves we wanted to go back and ride the famous Fillmore and Western Railway. This place is a hidden gem, full of character. It is a small city located in Ventura County and in 2010 there was a population of 15,002. 

Lastly, you will arrive in Santa Paula and to be honest this town is  a lot more populated. This city is also part of Ventura County and in 2010 the population was 29,321. We visited a museum in Santa Paula and had a blast, we posted a blog about it “ Agricultural Museum”. There is so much history in Santa Paula and we unfortunately have not been able to return to finish exploring this city It was a great place to visit and we cannot wait to go back.

The cities we mentioned are small towns and to be honest they each have their own character. We had a great time being able to get out of the house and just being able to put our windows down and cruise down highway 126. We are trying to slowly begin our adventures and keep our social distancing. We are still not comfortable being able to just start adventuring in places where it is more public. We hoped you enjoyed cruising down highway 126 with us. We think we will be doing more cruising blogs or find places where we can keep our social distance. I know being at home isn’t fun, especially if you are an outdoor person, take a drive and learn about new places. We hope everyone is staying safe. 

What do you think about cruising down highway 126?

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