Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park

Before starting this blog I (Jackie) always thought going on adventures or exploring we needed to have money to spend. Andy was the one who inspired me and made me realize that an adventure all depends on your attitude. This is why we are starting to explore our city. There are plenty of free things to do in your city; all you have to do is search for them. We came across Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park, which to be honest has been one of our favorite places to go.

Vasquez Rocks is located in Agua Dulce, CA, between Santa Clarita and Palmdale. This place is 932 acres and has some beautiful rocks.

Vasquez Rocks Natural Area and Nature Center
10700 W. Escondido Canyon Rd.
Santa Clarita, CA 91390

8:00am – 7:00pm (May 1 – September 15)
8:00am – 5:00pm (September 16 – March 9)

Let’s begin with a little history of the Vasquez Rocks; about 25 million years ago, the rock formation began by rapid erosion. Tataviam people lived here in grass huts within villages. Their language was Takic Uto-Aztecan. Then the Spanish people arrived and with the Spanish Missions coming, some Tataviam people were forced to work at the Missions. In 1916 the last of the Tataviam people died.

There is plenty to do in Vasquez Rocks, you can be there for hours and still not be able to see everything. We have been there 3 times and have not been able to explore the whole park. There are so many hiking trails, which always make it a different adventure. There are people who love to climb the huge rocks. We look at how high those rocks are and to be honest we haven’t gotten that brave yet.

There are plenty of picnic tables, which would allow you to enjoy lunch with family or friends. If you plan to enjoy this park for a couple of hours or the whole day make sure pack some snacks, lunch and water. Also dress according to the weather, in the summer it gets very hot and in winter it gets pretty cold. If you plan on going during the summer we would recommend arriving right when they open at 8am, because it gets very hot.

As we stated earlier an adventure does not have to be an expensive day. We woke up early went to Vasquez Rocks for some hiking, then came home and had a great homemade lunch. Spending time with loved ones and going out to make memories is the important part. If we didn’t research our city we never would have found such a beautiful gem like the Vasquez Rocks.

Do you have a favorite place to go explore or have an adventure at in your city? If so, what is it?

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