William Hart Museum and Park

We stumbled across William Hart Museum and Park, which is located in Newhall, CA. We would always drive by the park, until finally one day we said lets just get off and begin an adventure. Once we started to explore it was a whole another world inside the park. It was gorgeous and filled with so much history.  Honestly, we never expected for this park to have so much to do and see. We spent a couple hours just exploring this place. We learned who William Hart was and some history of Santa Clarita Valley. Let’s jump into this adventure because Andy and I were very excited about exploring this place.

When visiting the William Hart Park or Museum, make sure to wear something comfortable. Keep in mind you are in park. Also to get to the Museum you have to hike your way up, it is not a rough hike it is fairly easy. However you are going uphill, if you are not use to it make sure to give yourself some time. There are plenty of benches to sit in case you get tired while going uphill. During the summer we do recommend you bring some water.

William Hart Regional Park is a great place where you can bring lunch and just enjoy yourself at the park. Once you enter the park on the left side there is a Heritage Junction and Saugus Train station. You are able to see the Newhall Ranch House from the outside, looks beautiful, we wished they would allow people to visit inside. Then we headed to the Saugus Train Station, which is now gifts shop and small museum. The museum has amazing collections that tie in with Newhall history. An impressing fact was that the Saugus Train Station was visit by Charlie Chaplin since he was filming his movie “The Pilgrim”. This was a great little section to visit, one little section of the park was full of history.

After you visit the Heritage Junction and Saugus Train, next you will get to walk uphill. Since it has been raining lately there is so much greenery. The walk uphill went by so fast because there are so many pathways you can take and to be honest we wanted to take all of them. In case you do get tired from the hike, as stated earlier there are benches where you can sit and relax. Going uphill you will notice an amazing view of Santa Clarita Valley. The views are breathtaking (not just because you just walked uphill) but because its always amazing to see a city from the top.

Once you have reached the top then you will see a beautiful Spanish Colonial style Mansion which belonged to William Hart. Now before I go on let me finally introduce who William Hart is. William Hart was a silent director and film actor in the early 1900’s who produced Western movies. William bought this mansion once he retired and he lived there with his sidekick Fritz. Fritz was the horse he always appeared with in the movies. A tour is given inside the mansion, which is completely worth it. The mansion is well kept and beautiful. The tour is FREE and it is about 30 – 45 minutes. For more information visit William Hart Museum website.

This is a great example of what Andy and I are trying to accomplish with our blogs. Make sure to go out and explore you never know what you will come across. Plenty of the adventures we have had are free and close to our home. There is so much to see out in the world so make sure you keep your eyes open and just go have an adventure. Visiting William Hart Park and Museum was definitely an adventure we did not expect, we ended up loving the experience. We hope you go out and adventure what is close to your home.

Have you found a location that has caught you by surprise and end up loving?

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