Placerita Canyon Nature Center

Andy and I have been living in Santa Clarita for about 4 years and we have never visited The Placerita Canyon park. There was so much to see, trails, history and all around nature happening. The best part of this park is there are plenty of shaded areas with a variety of trees such as Oak groves, Willow and Sycamore. There are plenty of family friendly hiking trails with picnic tables. We had a great time and we hope if your in the Santa Clarita area that you visit this place.

Address: 19152 Placerita Canyon Rd, Newhall, CA, 91321
Parking: Free and plenty of it!
Admission: Free

When arriving to the park first thing you will see is The Walker Cabin, which was built in 1920 by Frank E. Walker. Frank and his wife raised 12 children in the small cabin mainly during the winter months. They used the cabin for about 11 years and then began to rent it to movie makers. 

We went on the acorn trail which includes Oak Trees that can live from 125 to 250 years. A butterfly garden which has native plants.  The pond which during spring Pacific tree frogs visit the pond to lay their eggs which become tadpoles. 

Then we ran into the Tatavian Indian Dwelling. The Native Americans who lived in Santa Clarita during 450 AD are the Tatavian Indians. Their homes were cone-shaped of willow poles. 

In one of the trails we found a Hummingbird water fountain. There was a bench for you to sit on and enjoy the hummingbirds coming to drink the water. 

Next, we went into the Nature Center which looks like they are trying to remodel the place. However, what they have so far looks pretty cool. It was a great place to see the different type of animals.

We finally found the Heritage Trail which made us very excited. We saw oil equipment as a reminder of oil discoveries in Santa Clarita. This trail will lead you to a tunnel with murals painted on the wall. Make sure to take that tunnel it will lead you to the Oak of the Golden Dream tree. This tree is such an important part of history. A herdsmen, Francisco Lopez, took a siesta underneath the tree. He had a dream about finding gold and becoming wealthy. Once he woke up he began to pull up wild onions, clinging to the roots of the plants were small particles of gold! Gold was found!! 

There are plenty of Placerita programs that would be interesting to do. For example, they have birds walk, family nature walk, live animal presentation, twilight hike (usually starts at 7PM or 8PM), Blooms of the Season and Nature Tots. Visit the Placerita Canyon Nature Center website for more information. 

Andy and I had such a great time exploring around Placerita Canyon. This park is filled with lots of shade, benches and trails. We were a little bummed that the Waterfall trail was closed and we are hoping they reopen it so we can take a look at it. It was great to know that there is so much history in a park. We really recommend visiting this park especially since its very family friendly. Seeing the Oak of the Golden Dream was great! As always make sure to go and find adventure!!

Have you ever been to a park full of history? Comment and let us know which ones. 

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