The Old Zoo in Griffith Park

The Old Zoo is an abandoned zoo located in Griffith Park, CA. Honestly, Andy and I had no idea this place existed. Plenty of people were recommending this place and now we understand why. The Old Zoo still has some of the cages and ruins of animal enclosures. Some of the big cages have picnic areas, you can enjoy having lunch with beautiful views of Griffith park. Lastly, there is a hike trail you can enjoy with beautiful views of the surrounding cities. 

Admission: Free
Parking: Free
Park closes at sunset
Location: 4730 Crystal Springs Dr Los Angeles, CA 90027 (Griffith Park, estimated location)

The Griffith Park Zoo was owned by the city of Los Angeles, CA. The Zoo opened on 1912 and closed on 1966, which then the Los Angeles Zoo was opened. 

The ruins remain open with picnic tables inside of them. The ruins are surrounded by bushes which give it a jungle feeling. There are some parts of the ruins that are full of graffiti, and to be honest it gives it character. We were told that before you were able to go up the stairs of the ruins, however now they have them closed with gates. To be honest it was a bummer we wanted to explore inside of them. 

One of the downside is that there was a lot of broken glass and trash around the Old Zoo. We wish they would take care of this place a little better, there is so much potential.

We then started to hike up the trail, which lead us to the top of the Old Zoo. You will constantly run into people. While hiking we loved the views we had of both cities Glendale and Burbank. We didn’t finish the hike since it was a very hot day and there was hardly any shade around.

As stated earlier this is a great place to come and just explore one day. It will not take the whole day, it may take up to 2-3 hours. Once you place the The Old Zoo on your GPS it will take you right to it. We had a good time and loved exploring the ruins, however we wished they didn’t have so many things fenced off. Make sure to take some water and we do not recommend the hike during hot days. We had a good time as always and loved visiting this new place. 

Have you ever been at the Old Zoo in Griffith Park? What do you think about it?

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